Rhythm Tengoku Gold’s Laboratory of Love remixed

We’re enthralled with Rhythm Tengoku Gold at the Destructoid fortress, and in fact have been for some time. You may have noticed. In an effort to give voice to the adoration spilling from our hearts for Tsunku’s masterpiece, a few of the Dtoid editors decided to put their heads together and come up with an original remix of the song that accompanies one of the minigames, called “Love Potion”.

You can check out the video after the jump, which features singing, original music and lyrics from Dale North, and illustrations by Jonathan Holmes. If you aren’t dancing around after twenty seconds of this, you have severe depression and should likely kill yourself. No, I’m kidding. See a doctor, because this is funky and awesome and if you have a shred of love in your heart for Rhythm Tengoku Gold (or Rhythm Heaven as the U.S. knows it as), you day’s about to get a little brighter. If you’d like to download it so you can listen to it on repeat, as I did, go grab the MP3 here.

Colette Bennett