Rhythm Tengoku Gold papercraft has me doing the frog dance

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If you saw our import review of DS rhythm game Rhythm Tengoku Gold, you’ll know that we’re big fans here at Destructoid. Colette and I both praised the title for its stellar music, insane design sense and kooky characters. It seems that those characters have made an impression on others, and now they’re making papercraft versions of them. 

Check out the above papercraft-making video for the characters from Rhythm Tengoku Gold‘s maddeningly difficult ping pong stages stages. A talented Japanese fan/artist kitty85 posted this video on NicoNicoDouga. The level of detail is amazing; these players look exactly like they do in the game! 

Hit the jump to see an even more impressive papercraft video from RTG‘s “Kero Kero Dance” levels. These frogs look like they’ll begin singing at any moment.

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