Rhythm Heaven coming in April?

You may recollect I was a bit of a sad panda over the supposed November release date for Rhythm Heaven DS, the English-language version of Rhythm Tengoku Gold (better known as the best rhythm game on the DS EVER). Thanks to a little bit of matlocking from Siliconera, it’s looking like that date was ever so wrong: Nintendo says “the first half of 2009”.

Amazon, Gamefly and Best Buy now list the game for release in the first week of April, which beats the everliving hell out of November. This is good news for gamers who weren’t quite wooed enough by our import review to pick up the game, but were still interested in the English version.If you need something to tide you over in the meantime, I suggest you pick up the retrospective soundtrack, which is the best thing to happen to my iPod in months.

Colette Bennett