Rhythm game Voez gets 18 new songs on Nintendo Switch

Free update out now

Today’s free update for Voez on Nintendo Switch serves as a nice reminder that hey, I should get this game soon — definitely before I’m swept up in Arms and Cave Story+ and Splatoon 2. The touch-based rhythm title has gained 18 new songs on top of its existing 100-track-plus set list.

I’ve grown so accustomed to music-based DLC costing a not-insignificant chunk of change that seeing this many songs grouped together in an on-the-house update is kind of a shock to my system.

As for the game itself, and specifically this Switch port (it’s also on mobile), I haven’t heard much noise other than what Chris covered in his positive review. “Voez is a diamond in the rough, at least as far as the Nintendo Switch eShop is concerned. The system’s launch went from zero (or just Zelda) to hero in seconds flat, and as long as you’re okay with a lack of a TV mode, Voez is a worthy pickup.”

Jordan Devore
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