RFGO! Recording episode #16 tonight: Import gaming; OMG it’s Chad’s birthday!

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You should know by now, dear listeners, that today is Chad Concelmo’s birthday. As such, there’s a pretty good chance he won’t be on the show tonight, as he is obligated to make his annual return to the undersea dolphin kingdom he once called home. You see, before he became an Associate Editor here at Destructoid, the greatest podcast co-host ever was the ruler of a vast and secret land, hidden far beneath the briny depths where no mortal dare venture. A place called Chadlantis.

It wasn’t until last January that we discovered him. Caught in one of our tuna nets on the company fishing trip, there was much debate as to whether he should be brought ashore or left to rule the sea. What would the dolphins do without their leader? More importantly, could mankind truly handle such awesomeness if he were to walk among us? It was a risk Niero was willing to take. After the signing of the great Robot-Dolphin Treaty of 2007, in which the creatures of the deep agreed to lend us their king 364 days out of the year in exchange for head-mounted laser cannons, we had a new editor. 

Chad’s final instruction to his bottlenosed followers was to continue their time-honored practice of transporting Japanese-only releases to the hardcore gamers of North America. If you’ve ever experienced the joy of impossibly hard shmups or batsh*t insane rhythm games, you owe these dolphins your grattitude and respect. So, have you? Tonight’s show is all about import gaming. Did you break the tabs off of your SNES? Use a Game Genie to play Asian Genesis titles? Play a bunch of stuff most people have never even heard of? We sure did. Hit up the comments and tell us how hardcore you really are. 

A big “Happy birthday” and a ton of less-than-threes to our amazing Mr. Concelmo.  

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