Rez fears your Nintendo: Creator of Rez HD ‘anxious’ about first party power

In this interview with Tetsuya Mizuguchi, the creator of many gamers’ favorite excuse to smoke pot talks about his decision to purchase the Rez license from Sega, the benefits of offering Rez HD as a download, and the problems with the original release. One interesting detail is his attitude towards the Nintendo Wii, in which he admits that Nintendo’s first party dominance makes him anxious when it comes to the idea of releasing anything on the albino waggle box:

… What do you think about making games for the Wii?

Wii is a very unique platform. I have no projects yet, but I feel it’s very unique. I’m a little bit anxious about Nintendo platforms, as Nintendo games are too strong. I’m a little bit worried about that.

PlayStation 3 fans, however, might be glad to know that there’s every chance of Rez HD making it their way:

Do you hope to bring Rez HD to PlayStation 3?

We started on Xbox 360, but we have no reason not to provide this game to other platforms.

A PS3 release is something that should be recommended to all niche titles, as right now I can’t think of a better platform for an obscure game to get exposure. Despite the lower install base of the PS3, the comparatively sparse software library makes now a great time for games to get noticed on Sony’s system. Rather than shy away from the PS3, I’d say now is the time to really get creative on it.  

Do check out the full interview, as it’s a pretty good read, especially if you’re one of the so-called Rez “evangelists” waiting for the XBLA release.

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