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Revengers Dream codes (April 2024)

Redeem Revengers Dream codes and get Skill Points, Clan Spins, Yen, and more!

Updated: April 8, 2024

Checked for the latest codes!

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Create your fighter and enter the competitive world of Revengers Dream. Master your combat abilities and knock out anyone who dares to challenge you on the streets. With each victory, you raise your reputation to intimidate other players who want to fight you.

If you’re getting tired of your current appearance, or you want to re-roll for a better clan, you can do so with Revengers Dream codes. Redeem them fast, and you’ll get free Clan Spins, Customization Tokens, Yen, and other essential goodies! If you want to delve into another combat experience, check out our article with Dragon Soul codes to claim freebies in that title, too!

All Revengers Dream codes list

Active Revengers Dream codes

  • 1kLikesThankYou—Redeem for 10 Customization Tokens
  • w800Likes—Redeem for 5 Customization Tokens and 30 Clan Spins
  • LBugs—Redeem for 10 Clan Spins and 3 Skill Rerolls
  • RELEASE—Redeem for 35 Customization Tokens and 60 Clan Spins

Expired Revengers Dream codes

  • 650Likes
  • mbForBugs
  • ogsONLY
  • PrayToMai
  • Mai<3
  • WorshipMai
  • HER

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How to redeem codes in Revengers Dream

To redeem codes in Revengers Dream, follow our guide below:

How to redeem codes in Revengers Dream.
Screenshot by Destructoid
  1. Join the official Roblox group.
  2. Open Revengers Dream in Roblox.
  3. Go into the customization section in the main menu.
  4. Type the code into the text area.
  5. Press Enter and claim the prize!

How to get more Revengers Dream codes

If you want to stay in the loop with new Revengers Dream codes, there are a few sites you can check out. For instance, you can browse the official social media profiles for this game to find codes by yourself. However, this a dull task that will consume your time, so we suggest that you bookmark this article and revisit it on occasion to see if we have new codes on our list. We track the official sources every day, so you can just come and collect your freebies. If you still want to get more information about the game, then check out the links below: 

Why are my Revengers Dream codes not working?

You won’t be able to use your Revengers Dream codes if they are mistyped or inactive. If you’re dealing with typing mistakes, try copying and pasting codes instead of adding them by hand. However, if you’ve correctly entered the code and you’re still facing difficulties, then you are most likely dealing with an expired code. While you can’t fix outdated codes, you can let us know about them so that we can investigate further and update our lists. 

Other ways to get free rewards in Revengers Dream

It’s handy to redeem all Revengers Dream codes because it’s currently the only reward system implemented in the game so far. If you want to claim more freebies, your best option is to join Discord. You’ll find a dedicated channel where the developer hosts giveaways to reward players with special goodies from time to time. 

What is Revengers Dream?

Revengers Dream is a Roblox fighting game based on the manga series Tokyo Revengers. Here, you can personalize your character with Customization Tokens and roll for clans before you begin your adventure. Once you start playing, you’ll automatically be pushed into combat, showcasing your skills and either winning or losing your reputation, depending on the results of the battle. 

If you want to uncover more codes for other Roblox games, you can look for them in our Roblox Codes section.

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