Revenant Wings bonanza! — videos, scans, screen shots

Square Enix is riding the Final Fantasy XII : Revenant Wings hype train, releasing a veritable plethora of screen shots and trailers, not to mention spreads in V-Jump and Shonen-Jump magazines, over the past week. And I’ve hunter/gathered it all. For you, the reader.

So, what do we have here? The above clip is a teaser of Vaan and Co. duking it out with some Judges, one of the cooler sets of enemies in all of Final Fantasy as far as I’m concerned. All bad guys should wear totally over-the-top armor. Period.

Anyway, this video doesn’t mean that much to me since I don’t read a word of Japanatorese. All I know is that there was a lot of dialogue, some dramatic red text, and a bunch of exclamation points. Probably something along the lines of saving the world from evil, or something equally important. It does, however, do a nice job of showcasing the different dungeons you’ll be crawling through, as well as a bit of Ivalice’s considerable racial diversity.

Hit the jump for another gameplay video, magazine scans, a gallery of screen shots, and a few more details.  

Now here’s a video I can sink my teeth into. This is another teaser, this time focusing on the magic spells and summons you’ll be able to use. This is pretty standard Final Fantasy fare, but it’s still nice to see. I was struck by how quick and fluid the battling seemed to be. I thought that the RTS aspects of the game, especially the terrain, would have slowed it down, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

In the gallery, you can find a slew of magazine scans and still shots. The first set is courtesy of V-Jump magazine and the next two are from Shonen-Jump. I can’t tell you what they say, but I can tell you what Jeux-France has to say about them:

About the V-Jump scans: It’s an occasion to rediscover the characters and evocations throughout the adventure, especially Carbuncle, recognizable by the ruby present in his forhead and particularly appreciated for his defensive capacities.

About the Shonen scans: We also learn that the play will be able to, throughout the adventure, synthesis materials and reciples obtained during the game. Clearly, it will be possible to create new objects from those materials. 

I’m still on the fence about the art style, but this game looks great never the less. I especially like the attention to detail. Squeenix may be sucking us dry, but at least they’re doing it very prettily. And if you thirst for cute Final Fantasy spin-offs has yet to be slaked, we have more.

[Via Jeux-France] 

Joseph Leray