Return to Union City in Beyond a Steel Sky’s new gameplay trailer

No disc-swapping this time around

Revolution Software has released a new trailer giving us our first real look at their upcoming title Beyond a Steel Sky, a sequel to the classic point-and-click adventure Beneath a Steel Sky, which wowed critics and players back in 1994, thanks in no small part to its deep storyline, smart gameplay and perfectly realised dystopian world.

Beyond a Steel Sky will see original protagonist Robert Foster return to the metropolis of Union City, situated within the barren wastelands of a post-apocalyptic Australia. Taken aback by the berg’s upgrade to a clean, stylish and opulent new look, Foster’s efforts to track down a missing child will likely reveal that all the spit and polish in the world cannot hide the seedy underbelly and corruption at the heart of his old homestead.

From this trailer, it appears that Beyond a Steel Sky may be sporting a new look and control method, but that the social interaction, puzzle-solving, mystery and exploration of the original classic remains intact. As an old boy, I’m intrigued to see how this game of my youth is reinvented for a new audience. I think this footage shows that Revolution are on the right track to making an interesting sleeper hit.

Beyond a Steel Sky is “coming soon” for PC, consoles, and Apple Arcade.

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Chris Moyse
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