Return to Arkham…with PS4 Pro support

Maybe it won’t suck now

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Arkham Asylum and Arkham City are both pretty solid games. What wasn’t solid was their conversion to current-gen consoles with the Return to Arkham port being pretty crappy on launch. While patches have fixed a majority of the issues, it looks like PS4 Pro users will finally be getting the definitive console version of these games.

The 1.02 patch, which actually released last Friday, has stealth Pro support that looks to add stability improvements along with providing a more consistent framerate. That the original port doesn’t run at a consistent framerate is beyond me, but this patch should be able to achieve that goal. Some issue called “intermittent crashing” has also been addressed.

As for the visual changes, nothing has been stated. One user on NeoGAF is claiming that Asylum has seen a resolution bump and runs a lot closer to 60 FPS, while someone on Reddit is claiming that City is markedly worse. So much for stabilizing framerates; if only the game had options like Rise of the Tomb Raider.

I don’t have this collection or a PS4 Pro to test for myself, but I’m sure that with these posts getting passed around, someone with the right equipment will find us an answer. As for previous games that ran poorly on the Pro, developers have been making a lot of progress with optimizing their games. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided is actually fairly consistent on the Pro and The Last of Us just received another patch to smooth out the 4K mode (but then it downgraded the 1080p mode). Hopefully Return to Arkham doesn’t stay compromised for long.

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