Retroid talks Mega Man tonight

Get equipped with Question Beam

Retroid is recording our sixth episode tonight, and for this one we’ll be taking a look back at the Mega Man/Rockman franchise. There have been nearly 100 games tied to Mega Man, so there’s a lot to cover! Fortunately, I’ll be joined by some experts: both Jonathan Holmes and special guest Tony Ponce, all the way from Japan. One of our community managers will also join in, and he has extensive experience with Capcom’s offerings. Making his podcast debut, it’s Marcel “Strider” Hoang.

There’s been quite a bit of retro news over the past couple of weeks, several releases including the impetus for the show, Mega Man Legacy Collection 2. If we have time, we’ll also talk about Sonic Mania, Rez Infinite, StarCraft Remastered, and Night Trap. If the Mega Man discussion goes long, we’ll get to these on another episode.

If you have questions or comments for us, you can post them below or tweet them to @RetroidPodcast on Twitter. And if you missed our last show, no time like the present to get caught up.

Kevin McClusky
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