RetroforceGO! records episode 82 tonight: The NES (yes, really)

“LOL HAY but isn’t every week the NES episode, har har?” You shut up and go back to your seat before I start throwing erasers, smart guy. Yes, this week’s show is about the Nintendo Entertainment System. How have we not done this yet?

Well, that’s why we’re doing it. We may as well get to it sooner rather than later, so tonight we’ll be blowing the dust out of a few slots with some down-home NES banter.  You have my solemn guarantee that we will not get to everything on the list for this one, but hey, Dyson’s back, we’ve got a really badass header image, let’s just have some fun, shall we? We’ll think of it as the first of Lord knows how many NES episodes we’ll do, and you can all kindly leave your questions for us in the comments. Deal?

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