RetroforceGO! records episode 81 tonight: Retro Limbo #3: The Ocarina of Time

You may have noticed that we missed our usual slot for a Retro Limbo episode last week in order to celebrate the pristine glory of the Street Fighter franchise. Let’s pretend this week’s show number is an even ten and we’ll get on with our Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time episode.

Oh, and did I mention Dyson is back?

He is. He’ll be joining us tonight for his illustrious return as we discuss Link’s first 3D adventure, and the game that many people regard as the greatest thing to happen since the invention of the waffle. We’ll also be announcing the winner of our Bionic Commando lunchbox contest, so that all adds up to make this week’s show three times as awesome. Join us for that, and leave us your questions in the comments, eh?

Topher Cantler