RetroforceGO! records episode 78 tonight: Classic gaming magazines

Before there was an internet, there was print journalism. There still is, but if advertisers and moneyholders have their way, that might not be true for much longer. If you grew up when we did, there’s a good chance you spent many an afternoon waiting by the mailbox for the latest on the world of gaming, because back then, it was the only way you were going to get it.

Tonight we take a look back at some of our favorite gaming publications from yesteryear. Where’d they go? Didn’t they used to be … I dunno, awesomer? How come Nester never got his own game? All this and more on a delightfully early episode of RetroforceGO! Hit the comments and tell us about your own memories, and leave us a question or two — related or otherwise.

Topher Cantler