RetroforceGO! records episode 67 tonight: Retro heroines

With the release of Mirror’s Edge this week, there’s been all sorts of talk about the female protagonist, and lots of yapping about whether male players will feel a real connection with their in-game self if that self happens to have teh boobies.

Well, if you’re a retro gamer, you know that the concept of a lady saving the day is by no means a new one, and there were times when she’d do so without anyone realizing she wasn’t a dude. Tonight we’ll be taking a look back at some of the heroic ladies of retro, be they playable characters or not, and to make sure it’s done right, Chad and I will be recording the entire show in drag. 

Hit the jump with your questions for us, and to save you the trouble: yes, this bra is very uncomfortable.

[This week’s header pic comes to you courtesy of our own Stella Wong!]

Topher Cantler