RetroforceGO! records episode 58 tonight: Post-PAX 2008

Welcome back, listeners! Sorry we missed you last week, but you see, we were busy at this little party. Some weird thing out in Seattle with games and sweaty people and lots of booze. Also, there may have been waffles at some point, but I’m pretty sure it was mostly about the booze.

Anyway, we’re back in action this week, and we’ll be discussing all the rad stuff we saw at the sweaty-people festival as it pertains to retro gaming. There’s also the little matter of a certain game that was released last week, which I believe also had something to do with waffles. I’m not sure, they don’t tell me much. Hit the comments with your questions for us, and you just might win some awesome swag that has been touched by Niero himself. Even if you don’t, you still win a new episode of the show tomorrow, and that’s the gift that keeps on givin’. I won’t say what it keeps givin’, but we’d appreciate it if you didn’t hold us responsible for any medical costs you might incur. 

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