RetroforceGO! Recording new episode tonight! #15: 2D fighters

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ENOUGH ALREADY. We get it. Let’s agree to disagree and move on, shall we? Last week’s episode is over, we’ve all made up and baked cookies together, and at the end of the day, we love most of you chilluns and it hurts us to see you lobbing grenades and poking each other in the eye. Besides, your uncle Topher carries a backpack full of rabid puppies, and if you think I won’t open that m*therf*cker right up …

Ahem … anyway. New show!

You want fighting, you’ve got it! While the haters are busy arguing with themselves in the episode 14.5 comments, we’ll be talking about classic 2D fighting games. Capcom, SNK, beat-em-ups, you name it. No, really … you name it. Hit the comments and tell us about your favorite brawlers. Dyson, Chad and I will be bringing back the love tonight with a special guest and an hour(ish) full of bone-breaking nostalgia for your listening pleasure. Shoryuken!

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