RetroforceGO! recording Halloween episode tonight: Horror games, candy, BRAINS!!

The townspeople had lived in peace for decades, with nary a worry or care to burden their hearts; until one fateful autumn night, there arose an eerie disturbance beyond the quiet mist what blanketed their villages by twilight. In the foggy distance could be heard the rattling of 8-bit; the vengeful clatter of long-forgotten cartridges. Tonight marked the unleashing of an ancient radness from ages past, and they called it …

Episode 22. 

The people, now terror-stricken, ran frantically through the comments screaming “Oh God, Friday the 13th for the NES was horrible!” They now remembered the classic horror games that tormented their youth, and they gathered after the jump to tell tales of the best and worst from bygone console generations. Then they were eaten by zombies and everyone lived happily ever after. 

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