RetroforceGO! recording episode 53 tonight: Amazing at E3

Good God. Just look at it. I mean … look at it. I know I’ve got a post to write and I should be making proper use of my time right now by telling you that this week’s show will be about all the cool retro gaming things happening at this year’s E3, but WTF.

I don’t know how anybody can pay attention to things like Mega Man 9, Galaga Legions or all the rad new PSN exclusives when Chad Concelmo is standing five feet away in that dinosaur sweater. Part of me wants to hug him and the other part wants to beat him up and take it for myself. However, as you might have heard, I’m nowhere near E3 at the moment, so I’ll have to settle for recording a new episode of RetroforceGO! with him, during which you’ll probably be able to physically hear the awesome radiating from that f*cking thing. 

Hit the comments with your questions and we’ll cook up a little something for your iPod tomorrow. 

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