RetroforceGO! recording episode 51 tonight: Neo-retro games

Topher is out this week (fighting crime, natch!), so that means another show post from your friend Chad using the saucy bitch that is MS Paint. Ah, MS Paint, I love you so. You are about as user-friendly as a Speak & Spell and as classy as a glass of white zinfandel on ice. With a straw.

On tonight’s RetroforceGO! we have replaced Topher with Rev Anthony to talk about neo-retro games. What are “neo-retro games,” you ask? Well, Topher coined the term a few shows ago to describe videogames with recent releases, but retro sensibilities. Think Contra 4, The Red Star, Noitu Love 2, and Dino Run for some prime examples. They are modern games that have passed the debated retro cutoff timeline, but are made with retro graphics and gameplay in mind.

We are going to be discussing how we feel about this neo-retro revolution (hint: we love it!), some of our favorite games in the newly established genre, and what truly makes a game neo-retro.

Now it’s time for you all to chime in with your sure-to-be amazing questions and images. What are some games you would consider neo-retro? Do you think it is an appropriate term? Any games or series you think would benefit from a little hot, neo-retro injection? I am excited to read the comments already.

Chad Concelmo