RetroforceGO! recording episode 50 tonight: Our cup runneth over

This weekend marks two very important occasions: the official start of Summer, and the start of a second year of RetroforceGO! It’s astounding that we’ve lasted this long, but give or take the few weeks we didn’t record, this is an anniversary of sorts for us.

I want to take this week’s post as an opportunity to thank each and every one of you who listen to our show, subscribe to us on iTunes, and support our weekly foray into the land before polygons. We have such a blast recording every week, and to think that you guys have been through 50 episodes with us and haven’t gotten sick of it yet is both heartwarming and humbling. From the bottom of our 8-bit hearts, we thank you.

So what’s this week’s episode about? It’s funny you should ask that question, because uh … I don’t really know. It’s episode 50, so we’re just gonna kick it and look back at our first year together, if that’s ok with you. It’s the season for laziness anyway, right? And yard sales? Swimming, perhaps with dolphins?

Are you ready to Summer? 

Topher Cantler