RetroforceGO! recording episode 46 tonight: Metal Gear

As you can tell by the above image, Topher was not available to do the traditional Sunday afternoon RetroforceGO! post this week. He has Photoshop. I do not.

Not to worry. Once he gets done taming the unicorn he just purchased he will be back in time to record the show!

And speaking of the show, we have a little something extra special planned. For the first time ever, RetroforceGO! is teaming up with Podtoid for an all-Metal Gear spectacular! The RFGO! crew will be discussing the early Metal Gear games tonight (Metal Gear for the NES, Snake’s Revenge, etc.) and later this week the Podtoid hooligans will be tackling the Metal Gear Solid series. But I’m not going to lie. The Solid games are some of my favorite of all time (Snake Eater!), so I will probably still mention them a couple times on tonight’s show. Just don’t tell Anthony. He said he would punch me in my “baby inserter” if I broke the rules.

Hit the comments and leave us some questions for the show. Remember, whoever asks the best question (or says I am ridiculously handsome the most) will win an amazing cash prize! SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!

Chad Concelmo