RetroforceGO! recording episode 42 tonight: Easter eggs

Surprise! We’re recording a day early. Shocking, right? Kind of like cracking open your chocolate easter egg and finding this flesh-eating Peep inside, waiting to pick your bones clean. Don’t front, you know Peeps are evil. Watch, now the Peep fanboys will come out of the woodwork and call me “arrogant” for stating the fact.

Anyway, tomorrow is Easter, and as you might imagine, we’ll be busy doing what it is people do on Easter: fighting off hordes of flesh-eating Peeps. So we’ll be recording the show a day early, and this week it’s all about Easter eggs in games. Secret rooms, hidden cutscenes, and hey — try hitting that chicken with your sword. No, go ahead, see what happens. Hit the comments with your favorites and your questions for the show. We’ll see you tomorrow. If the Peeps don’t get us. 

Topher Cantler