RetroforceGO! recording episode 28 tonight: celebrating 20 years of Mega Man

In the year 200X, a super robot named Retroforce was created. Dr. Dyson created Retroforce in order to preserve the memories of a time when Mega Man didn’t suck. Tonight, this super robot springs into action once again, with a special episode to usher in the 20th anniversary of the franchise. 

Back before Capcom started producing 17 Mega Man games a week, the series was one of our favorites. It was full of awesome enemy characters, clever level design, and badass music that still rivals some modern-day chiptune. It was also tough as hell, and that’s always worth some points on the RFGO scoreboard. 

We know you guys remember the little blue bomber from before his games had “Alpha hyper ultra drive XX super Z” bolted onto their titles, so hit the comments to tell us about your favorites and leave us your questions for the show. PEW! PEW! PEW! 

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