RetroforceGO! Recording episode 21 tonight: Our favorite game music

All that talk of ocarinas, boleros and sonatas last week had us walking around for days with Zelda music stuck in our heads, so it only made sense that this week’s show be about our favorite game music. We love it. You love it. We love you. You love Chad, and Chad loves to conduct undersea performances with his all-dolphin symphony orchestra.

So how about it? What are some of your favorite songs and soundtracks from back in the day? Hit the comments and hum them to us, we’ll try to figure out what they are. It’ll be like a game show. Or you could always just, you know … type the name of the game. Whatever, it’s all the same to me. I’ve got a pack of Starburst here and strawberry is next, so I’m going to stop writing now.

Also, we have an extra awesome prize for this week’s contest, made possible by an extra awesome guy called Piano Squall.  If you’re extra smart, you might win it. Hit the jump already!

Mmm … strawberry.  

Topher Cantler