RetroforceGO! not recording this week: sadness, pandas, etc

Kids, come over here for a minute and have a seat. No, not on the radiator, you’ll ruin your ass. Over here. Listen. There comes a time when mommies and daddies all have plans during the same week and can’t record. It’s just something that happens. It’s not your fault, and it doesn’t mean we don’t love you. It’s just … well, we have stuff to do. We’ll be back next week, you can still … hey, stop. Stop that. You can’t cut your wrist with a piece of Hot Wheels track anyway. God knows Daddy has tried. Now pay attention.

Nobody’s here, and nobody wants to listen to an hour and a half of just me talking. So there’s no show this week. Hey, stop crying, we’ll be back next we … alright, give me that Hot Wheels thing, you look ridiculous. Maybe you should go outside and play with Podtoid, they did a nice Street Fighter special. You like Street Fighter, right? And Raul Julia? Yeah, there ya go. It’ll be okay. We’ll make another episode for you next week. Now run along. If you see your mother, tell her I know about the milkman. And if you see Uncle Anthony, punch him in the nuts once for Daddy. Atta boy.

Topher Cantler