RetroforceGO! Not Episode 44: The worst/best/worst episode ever

As you may have heard yesterday, we here at the show had some serious recording issues with our Cancun episode. And while we try and maintain a level of quality that you have come to know us for, no amount of editing trickery could make the recording into what I would call “good.”

FYI, as a group, we have personal and professional standards that we try and maintain for ourselves when we record, edit, and produce RetroforceGO! Unfortunately, none of those standards could have been met no matter how much time and effort we put into that task.  Because of that, we weren’t going to release the show.

But, the episode content itself was too unique to just throw away. Not only were four out of five of the cast members present for the recording (an RFGO! first!), there was also a slew of editors, the illustrious Jim Sterling, and fifteen, give or take, insanely awesome community members present. Each and every one of them participating in the show.

So, because of the uniqueness of the show, and because of the fact that the show is almost 99% about our community, we’ve decided that the show should be released in a Cblog only format. iTunes and RSS listeners will be receiving a quick .mp3 message that will direct them to my personal community blog where you, if you wish, can DOWNLOAD THE SHOW.



[Editor’s note: Figures]