RetroforceGO! is moving!

On up? To the East Side? To a deluxe apartment in the sky? No, my fellow sprite loving friends, to Sundays!

That’s right; starting this week, RetroforceGO! (tied for first as the best podcast on Destructoid) will be recording each and every episode on Sunday nights (instead of the usual Wednesday) and will be available to download on Mondays (moving from Thursday).

Before anybody worries about the time change, we figured that recording the podcast on the day of the Lord will only benefit the overall quality. If the man upstairs can help rappers win MTV Video Music Awards, he can surely help our lil’ ol’ RetroforceGO! sound extra retrotastic, right?

We just wanted to give everyone the heads up so no one did anything rash tomorrow upon realizing there was no new show available. If we can save at least one person from dramatically running into oncoming traffic we did the right thing.

Check back Monday for our next new episode (#12). Now, I have to finish filling out these damned podcast change of address forms. What state would you say “Bucket” is in?

Chad Concelmo