RetroforceGO! is back! New episode recording this Thursday!

When I was in school I used to dread the end of summer vacation — the night before classes started up again was always torture. As I watched the minutes tick by under the comfort of my Shirt Tales bedsheets, I used to hope and pray that time would just pause forever.

I must be getting old because I have never been more excited about a summer break coming to an end. Yeah, seeing Colette in a chocobo bikini was great, but I really missed recording RetroforceGO!

Thank the stars the wait is finally over! RetroforceGO! is officially back and will be recording new episodes again starting this Thursday! If only you could see the huge smile on my face while I am typing this. It … wait, what, THURSDAY?! “I thought the show recorded on Sunday?” you must be thinking to yourself. In a surprise twist, RetroforceGO! is now moving to Thursday nights and will be available to download every Friday. I know that throws some of you off, but you can still listen to it on Mondays if you are afraid of change.

I hope you all are as excited about the return as we are. So, what will our first topic be? What has happened since we’ve been gone? Did any of us grow breasts over the summer? There is so much to talk about! I AM SO EXCITED!

See you guys Thursday …

Chad Concelmo