RetroforceGO! Epsisode 49: Castlevania Mania

Hey everybody! Sorry everything is so late today. Dear ol’ Dyson couldn’t make the show last night, so I didn’t get my usual eight hour head start on exciting sound editing! But they say better late then never, right? 

Anyway, since I wasn’t on the show, I really don’t have any of the highlights my friend Ben tells me he likes so much. To keep him happy, and to contradict something I heard while editing, I’ll give you this lonely little highlight.


  • Am I the only person that loves Castlevania 2? 🙁

Have a great week, folks. (Hopefully with this new episode of RFGO!) See you next week for our fiftieth  episode!

PS – We’d like for you to go check out Pixeljam’s new game: Dino Run. The reason, aside from it’s supreme awesomness, is that at the end of the show I reveal a secret code that the guys gave us. A code that just may allow Dtoid members to play with super special content!

That’s right. This episode of RFGO! has a secret hidden code.