RetroforceGO! Episode 79: Unrequited love in retro games

Happy Friday, listeners! Tomorrow is Valentine’s day, so we thought we’d talk a little about unrequited love in retro games. Heaven knows we all understand what it feels like. Highlights:

  • Valentine’s Day is stupid.
  • Do I hear 5 out of 5 chocobos?
  • CONTEST: Win a Bionic Commando lunchbox! Listen to the show for details and enter right here
  • Slip her the tongue
  • Bowser: Misunderstood
  • If I was a Kokori fairy, I’d hit it
  • Navi could be hot

It’s ok if you didn’t buy us chocolates or flowers. You could subscribe to us on iTunes and that would be okay, too. Or you could just go here and listen to the new episode.

Topher Cantler