RetroforceGO! Episode 77: We heart Capcom

Happy Friday, listeners! This week, we talked about one of our favorite things in the whole world: Capcom. Capsule Computers (yup, that’s what it’s short for) made many of our favorite games ever, and this episode is a fapfest dedicated to them. Fapcom, you might say. Highlights:

  • We <3 our new forum
  • We <3 Little Nemo
  • We <3 Chun-Li’s delicious, iron thighs
  • We <3 Strider
  • We <3 classic fighters
  • We <3 lists
  • We <3 good retro revivals
  • We <3 Dale North
  • We <3 Willow
  • We <3 Morrigan’s big butt
  • We <3 tons of other Capcom stuff

Check us out early on iTunes, or download the new episode right here. We’ll catch you again next week with something else that is awesome as well. Enjoy!

Topher Cantler