RetroforceGO! episode 69: Retrofeast II

Happy Friday, lis … oh. Dammit. Well, it might not be Friday yet, but it’s almost Thanksgiving, and that’s even better. Eating until you’re comatose, and then a three-day weekend to spend gaming. Or, if you’re crazy, shopping. Or, if you’re awesome, listening to the new episode of RetroforceGO! Highlights this week include:

  • Dyson.
  • Yes, really
  • Willoughby
  • Crickets and tumbleweeds HD
  • Women were born to be punched
  • This Chad is rad
  • Sellouts and snugglebears
  • Otocon! Meryl!
  • Fight a shadow or pee?
  • Thanksgiving thanks

Subscribe to us on iTunes for first dibs, or check out the new episode right here, and have fun stuffing yourselves tomorrow. We’ll catch you again next week.

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