RetroforceGO! episode 61: Beat ’em ups

Happy Friday, listeners! This week we punched transvestites in the face and ate pizzas that magically fell from broken mailboxes. If you’ve ever played a beat ’em up, you know what I’m talking about. Highlights include:

  • Awesome chiptune intro by Torzelan!
  • Dodge these super balls
  • PSN coverage? On my RFGO?!?
  • I’ll have what she’s having
  • The final Rev Rant, and the dawn of a new segment
  • You should check out Dad ‘n Me
  • Coming soon: Chocobo refrigerators
  • 2P Mode C
  • I don’t actually have a purse.
  • Punching people is fun!
  • Oil drums: Now with turkey dinner

This episode also marks the end of the Rev Rant as we know it. Why? Because it’s Anthony’s segment and he can do what he wants with it. We’re pretty sure you’ll like his new thing, though. You can check out the first installment of it, as well as the rest of the show right here. Have a great week, and don’t forget to punch someone!

Topher Cantler