RetroforceGO! episode 59: Disney games (sort of)

Happy Friday, listeners, and welcome to another episode of RetroforceGO! We tried to do an episode on Disney games this week, but it mutated into something more akin to uh … kind of a …

Okay, look. This episode is mostly just us singing, alright?  We tried. We really did. You put four nerds (who happen to have some pipes) together and ask them to talk Disney, the whole thing is destined to be horribly derailed into a fiery apocalypse of lyric and melody. I don’t write the rules, that’s just the way science works.  Anyway, highlights:

  • The mystery behind Dyson’s absence (Spoiler: it’s not all that fascinating) 
  • Oily men, a Disney episode: coincidence?
  • Summer has officially ended
  • There’s a bee inside
  • David Jaffe + Mickey Mouse= <3
  • Aladdin songs
  • Dumbo songs
  • Beauty and the Beast songs
  • Robin Hood songs
  • Lady and the Tramp songs
  • No, really, it’s pretty much all singing

It is our sincere hope that you will forgive us for completely abandoning our responsibilities as gaming podcasters this week in favor of belting out musical numbers from cartoons. Chances are you’d have done the same yourself in such a situation. Either way, you can download our brilliant opus right here, and let it prepare you for next week’s show, which will also have a little something to do with music. Wink wink.

Topher Cantler