RetroforceGO! episode 57: The Atari 2600

Happy Friday, Listeners, and welcome to what is probably the most retro episode we’ve done to date. This week we discussed the Atari 2600, in all of its glorious, switch-equipped, woodgrained bigness. Like many of you, it was our very first console and the gateway to a life of hardcore geekdom. Highlights?

  • Bring me that cement mixer
  • Almost famous
  • Romantic beatdowns
  • Fork terminals are for forking
  • Yes, we wore OP in the ’80s, and it was magnificent
  • The brand that dare not speak its name
  • Yes, E.T. really was that bad

Enjoy the show, which lives over here, and check us out on Feedburner or iTunes for a change, eh? (Protip: you can get the new episodes earlier than everybody else if you subscribe.) Also be sure to check us out in person next week at PAX, as the entire Retroforce crew will be there!


Topher Cantler