RetroforceGO! episode 54: Goemon with Stella Wong

Hell yeah, Friday! I thought to help you celebrate, I’d drop you the new episode of RetroforceGO! a little early this week. Just because. Highlights?

  • Awesome Goemon rock intro by Coffeesash!
  • Instroducing Masaru Irie as Secret Asian Man
  • I find your lack of chocobos disturbing.
  • Anthony shows up after all 
  • From unbearably cute to dumb haircut in 2.5 seconds
  • The PSN, she’s not so bad, eh?
  • Knifing
  • Forking
  • Giant robots with big, dumb smiles

Enough of that, we’ve got some nonsense to help the rest of your day go speedily by so you can enjoy your weekend sooner, and you can get it right here. See you next week!

Topher Cantler