RetroforceGO! episode 53: Amazing at E3

This year’s E3 has come to a close, and now it’s time for reflection, impressions, and senseless internet flamewars with people who would likely kick the ever-loving crap out of you in real life. It’s also time for a new episode of RetroforceGO!, and we’ve got plenty of the first two aforementioned items, without any of the third. That’s how we roll. Niceness is the new badassery. How about some highlights?

  • Semi-epic intro! (If you don’t like it I’ll never do it again, honest)
  • Butt-ass naked: The only way to podcast
  • XBLA finally gets its very own scale!
  • LOL Anthony x puppy x flowery bedsheets
  • Hands-on with Chad’s new dinosaur sweater
  • Needs moar Reggie meat jokes
  • Chad and Colette went to E3. There was stuff there
  • Miyamoto has to pee
  • Whips and stylish leather hats!
  • I love Dale North

There’s more in there, too, but I forget. Also, I just had a huge burrito for dinner and it’s kind of putting me to sleep. Time for me to take a nap, and you to go check out the show.

Topher Cantler