RetroforceGO! Episode 50: That’s half of a hundred!

While the more astute listener may notice that today is, in fact, not Monday (the regular release day for RFGO!), he or she will be glad to have endured the extra day wait for this week’s episode. Why? Because, and this is also a warning, this week’s show is all about … the show. Yep, we do something we’ve yet to do here at RFGO! by giving the listeners a show about the show from our perspective.

Included in today’s show we have never before heard sound clips, along with lots of reminiscing. So much so, that the show length exceeds our normally robust lengths by clocking in at 2:40! Sounds great, but remember there was a warning?

The latter part of the show is all five of us speeding through all 200 some comments that we got on yesterday’s post. So by telling you this now, I hope to stave off the “talk about games” comments that may come flooding in. I assure you, next week will be business as usual. Now …


  • Rev has Internet SARS — avoid
  • Chad wants his stapler!
  • Accents are fun
  • Chad as a naughty pirate?!
  • Who happens to be a scamp 😉
  • Salt of the Earth
  • Bunny pump 2000?
  • Pizza Rolls = Pure awesome
  • Chad <3s lists
  • Screw you Trebek!
  • Shut your whore mouth when men are talking!

Give it a listen, folks. We here at RFGO!, could not have made it this far without all of you, so we truly hope that this episode is everything you thought it would be and more. Also, feel free to leave your 2¢ below with your own favorite moments from the show! But before all that, go right over here to the official show page, and then give yourselves a pat on the back for being so awesome.  <3

[Contest winner will be announced next week, along with the soon to be humiliating results from our bet that ******* won!]