RetroforceGO! Episode 44: Cblog exclusive coming tomorrow

God, what a weekend. We’re back from Cancun, and to cap off the epic times that were had by all, we recorded an epic episode of RetroforceGO! Unfortunately, there were also epic technical difficulties and terrible audio problems.

To be honest, the sound quality is abysmal and we don’t feel right releasing it as an episode. However, just because it sounds terrible doesn’t mean you won’t get to hear it. Instead, we decided that since we had so many awesome community members participating in this episode, we’re going to release it exclusively in the Destructoid community blogs. This was the first time we’ve recorded with all four cast members in the same room, and since so many of you were there with us, we want to make it available only to you.

Our iTunes, Feedburner and RSS listeners are going to miss out on some of the most fun we’ve ever had recording, but as Destructoid readers, you’ll still get to hear episode 44, because we heart you. Just be warned that it’s full of echo, feedback, and all kinds of other gremlins.

Dyson is still editing and trying to make it as listenable as possible, so it won’t be ready until sometime tomorrow. Keep an eye on his community blog, add him to your friends list if you haven’t already, and you’ll get to hear our awesome yet crappy Cancun episode tomorrow!  

Also, just for fun, gallery pics below.  

Topher Cantler