RetroforceGO! Episode 42: Easter Eggs!

Hooray! Another year, another chance to celebrate the Raptor Jesus. It was a pretty good Easter, the Marshmallow Peeps did not end up getting Topher. He was rescued at the last minute by a shark named CTZ, who was also riding on top of an elephant when doing the saving. It was pretty epic, I swear.

Another thing that was epic was recording on Saturday instead of Sunday. The epic-ness would have been thrice fold had I finished the show and made it ready for Easter consumption, but there was a whole bunch of things that got in the way of that happening, and instead of the usual highlights I’ll list the those things in no particular order instead.


  • First and foremost, I woke up at 3 p.m.
  • It was a beautiful day, so went for a bike ride to the beach
  • Husky and I killed some Peeps, marshmallow variety
  • I went to Sizzler for the first time and made mashed potato tacos
  • I then covered the tacos with nacho cheese — It was awesome
  • I had to get my GBA back from a friend, and it was covered in weird sticky stuff
  • Not scary sticky stuff, but more like ‘I spilled a soda on it’ sticky stuff
  • I watched the movie Hitman, it was pretty decent
  • I am about to have more Pizza Rolls, and then dance The Robot

That was only just a small amount of all the things that made the show late and the weekend awesome (cheesy mashed potato tacos are soooo good), so I hope you can understand the late but not really late because it’s Monday anyway posting of this week’s show. Oh, which you can find right here 🙂

*(Each of the things listed are 100% true. I really do have a weird life, and dance The Robot.)