RetroforceGO! Episode 39: Contra

What’s more manly? The ripped and bulging form of Chad Concelmo (seen above)? Or the over the top manliness of the Contra series? The correct answer: neither.

Just to give you an example of how manly Chad is, he woke up this morning in a pile of women, spent from a night of finger banging (the women, not him). He then proceeded to brush his teeth with a jackhammer while humming AC/DC’s Thunderstruck, commonly known to be one of the most manly songs in the world sung before breakfast. Chad then decided to enjoy his morning meal, a nice bowl of testosterone covered roofing nails. But instead of milk, Chad uses gasoline. Chad then jumped onto his dolphin-shaped rocketcar and sped down the streets of Los Angeles, rush hour traffic be damned.

So, as you can see, Chad and Contra have the exact same level of manliness. Oh, and I think we did a show about one of the two.


  • Definitely not the Hayden Christensen ghost
  • Neko is a rip-off artist
  • No need for a dolphin recount here!
  • Learn to hate your 360 D-pad even more, buy Triggerheart Excelica!
  • We love presents
  • I <3 Rev
  • Contra folds Chad’s socks
  • Browny vs. Brad Fang
  • There was an earthquake?

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