RetroforceGO! Episode 25: Bit Shifter

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Yaaay for Monday! Hooray for Monday! Thank god it’s Monday! 

Yeah, I know that many, many people in the world aren’t sharing my enthusiasm for Monday, but they, sadly, just aren’t RetroforceGO! listeners. And while people like that can only blame themselves for not enjoying one of the finest retro podcasts around  (therefore making their Mondays a bleak and lonely place) the rest of us can look forward to Monday with excited little fingers, ready to swiftly download the latest episode and commence our Monday ritual of retro goodness.


  • Yay! Colette is back! Yay!!!!!!!
  • Sadly, Chad is missing, and dials in his VC review
  • Are there really fanboys of a game engine? Really?
  • This Rev Rant I find particularly funny, but I’m kinda twisted
  • He then imparts copious amounts of knowledge about Chiptunes
  • (99% of which goes over Dyson’s head and, yes, I used the word copious)

Seriously, though, thanks to Josh for coming on the give us some knowledge about the background and future of Chiptunes. You can check out him, and others like him, at Blipfest this weekend in NYC. Look for Topher, Colette, and the rest of the Dtoid crew while you’re there, too. In the meantime, check out the latest show here on our podcast page, or just subscribe to us via iTunes.

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