RetroforceGO! Episode 24: Mario Madness Pt. 2

(Man, that is one sexy picture.)

So anyway, how’s everyone been doing? Good? I hope so so. I also hope that most of you have spending a lot of time with the new Super Mario Galaxy. Although, if you have yet to become enraptured by the House of N’s latest plumber outing, then I highly suggest that you either: A, go out and buy a copy right now, or B, admit to yourself that you don’t like fun. Either choice is fine with us, but we certainly hope that you make the choice that involves having fun — something we do here on the show quite a bit. Speaking of the show …


  • Colette’s a vampire!
  • Super Dodge Ball is sill a classic, Volleyball, not so much
  • Chad rains on my Blue’s Journey parade 🙁
  • XBLA celebrates its 100th game with Screwjumper! Hold on … really?
  • Shrek+Bump mapping = Marketing genius!
  • /sarcasm
  • Are you a “Grrl Gamer?” Then take special note of Rev’s latest rant
  • Chad’s portrait is watching you
  • Sorry Peach and Daisy, but it’s Rosalina FTW!

Please be warned that, due to the awesomeness that is Mario, this week’s episode runs a little long. Like, an hour and forty-five minutes long. Hopefully it will be just the thing to get you through the never ending drama that you’ll have to endure when you go see your crazy families this weekend. As for me, I intend to spend the holiday as I always do, punching out hobos down at the soup kitchen. See you there!

(I think the show may be located right about HERE.