RetroforceGO! Episode 22: The Halloween show

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Well, well, well, my little ghosts and robots, I’m sure that all of you have been eagerly waiting this week’s episode of RetroforceGO! almost as much as you’ve been awaiting the candy fueled bender that we Americans like to call Halloween. Since we’re a giving bunch here at the show, and our generosity is equivalent to that of the house that gives out full size candy bars, I will present this week’s episode without further ado (along with some sage-like advice for those of you giving out candy this year: Popcorn balls and Pal brand bubblegum are gross and should never, ever be handed out on Halloween).


  • Splinter Cell: Night Vision Puppies
  •  Andromeda Shuffleboard coming soon!
  • Golden Axe 3: Furry Edition
  • Happy Halloween!
  • The dead chick in the tree story is hilarious
  • SpooOoOoOOooOky time!!!!!

And there ya’ go, my little rapscallions. As always, you can be a lazy punk and just click here for our podcast page, or increase your laziness by a factor of +10 and subscribe to us via iTunes. Either way, enjoy this week’s show and remember that no one loves you like RFGO! loves you.

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