RetroforceGO!: Episode 20: The longest Zelda episode ever

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Happy Monday everybody, and welcome to the final episode in our Zelda discussion. This week’s show happens to be one of the longest shows we’ve ever recorded and, honestly, it should have been broken up in into two more separate episodes for a grand total of three Zelda shows. Well, it wasn’t, so I graciously present you with this whoppingly large two hour podcast about the little guy in a green cap and tunic (not Tingle!).


  • Hamsa and Husky are full of win and awesome
  • Neo Geo overkill!
  • Topher reviews the 1200 ($!15) Point Puzzles and Yaris Car Commercial games
  • “I love that cliché.”
  • Chad sings Bolero of Fire, melts the heart of Satan in the process
  • Dyson correction: I haven’t beaten Majora’s Mask (forgot, sorry)
  • If you loved Twilight Princess, this is the show for you
  • If you hated Twilight Princess, this is the show for you

If you’ll notice, the last two highlights have to do with the love/hate relationship that some of us had with Zelda: TP. Mostly we hated it, but Chad really loved it (and, yes Tristero, he did an amaazing job defending it), but we don’t really fight about it at all, we just state our points of view. If y’all care to listen, check it out on our podcast page.

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