RetroforceGO!: Episode 19: Zelda: The early years

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So, basically, the show last night went well and we talked about Zelda till the wee hours of the night. Chad regaled us with wild tales of Poe hunting, while Topher gave us the entomological background of tektites and leevers. I easily explained why I’m called Dyson “The Smasher of Pots” Grigsby by displaying my favorite rupee hunting method, and Colette cheered us all on while wearing her daring, but cute as a button, Link pajamas.

And, of course, none of this is what you’ll be hearing today.


  • RFGO! is like family, yo
  • Never cheapen “The Five”
  • Tetris Splash gets our first Retroforce-NO!
  • Rev NOT talks about how you’re all NOT cheapening gaming through save-states
  • (Psst, Toph. I think you meant to say Minish Cap)

And there you have it, another show brought to you by the fine folks here at RFGO! As always, check us out on the podcast page for some one-on-one listening time, or just make the leap into this millennium by subscribing to us via iTunes.

(I chose Japanese, but I’m sure that’s no big shocker 😉 

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