RetroforceGO!: Episode 11: Forgotten Franchises

Hey everybody, I want to apologize for putting this post up late today. I was up rather late last night feeding my Mogwai after midnight and, well, I’m pretty sure you can guess what happened after that.

Since then, I  have pretty much rectified the situation. Did you know that San Francisco has its own Gremlin removal service? Me niether. Must be because of all the strange shops in Chinatown and their questionable products.

Regardless, enjoy the latest effort from the RFGO! crew and our meandering thoughts on all things retro.


  •  Topher is aggro, needs Slurpee badly
  • .tiff has an Adventure Game gland?
  • Vietnam and Muppets, I really can’t say anymore
  • Rev is soooo emo!
  • Resident Evil 5: Duckburg. Scrooge vs. Zombies FTW!
  • Earthbound’s scratch ‘n sniff stickers cause brain damage

Also, I want to say thanks to everyone for listening, and we hope that you guys don’t get too mad at us this week. This week’s show really is the longest show ever. Make sure to have something to eat handy before you check us out on the podcast page.