RetroforceGO! back in action, recording episode 23 tonight: Classic Mario games

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Hey listeners! Did you miss us? Either way, we’ve bailed each other out of jail and had all of our missing limbs surgically replaced with cooking utensils, so that we may bring you another episode of the finest retro gaming podcast your leftover Halloween candy can buy. 

In honor of the upcoming Super Mario Galaxy, we’ll be reminiscing about our favorite Mario moments with 2 special episodes dedicated to everybody’s favorite mushroom-addicted plumber. From jumping over barrels all the way to abusing small dinosaurs and beyond, this week’s Part 1 focuses on the 2D classics that started it all and laid the foundation for what would become a whole world of lovable characters and innovative gameplay mechanics. 

Hit the comments with your questions and we’ll cook up some warm, buttery, retro love for you to download tomorrow. 

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