RetroforceGO! Back in action, recording E3 2007 special episode tonight!

Last week we took some time off for the holiday, and also because 3/4 of us were gearing up for this year’s E3 Media & Business summit. That’s 3/4 as in everyone but myself, mostly due to the fact that I couldn’t get my bucket past airport security. However, thanks to the magic of Skype and our collective knowledge of advanced alchemy, we’re ready to jump into the 8-bit mosh pit again tonight.

This week we’ll be discussing all the cool stuff you’ve been reading about since last night, as well as taking the usual look at the latest Virtual Console and Xbox Live Arcade games. Hit the comments and ask us any questions you’d like us to answer on the show about the more classically-styled stuff happening at E3, otherwise I swear I’ll fill a whole hour talking about Mario’s awesome new Bee Suit. (To which I am quite partial.)

Topher Cantler